Federal Civil Servants Face Dehumanizing Conditions Amid Salary Delay Over Verification

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In a troubling turn of events, over 17,000 federal civil servants in Nigeria are grappling with severe dehumanizing conditions as they await verification before receiving their salaries.

This ordeal unfolds as part of a verification exercise orchestrated by the Head of Civil Service of the Federation in collaboration with the Office of the Accountant General of the Federation.

The epicenter of this challenge is the verification venue located in Kubwa, Abuja, where a disconcerting struggle ensues as civil servants attempt to gain entry for the necessary verification.

Speaking anonymously, with OurWorldGist a distressed civil servant revealed, “For over a week, we have been subjected to this distressing situation, labeled as ‘ghost workers,’ and it has led to an excruciating delay of over two months in receiving our salaries.”

Expanding on the issue, the civil servant lamented, “This dire situation is a consequence of an outdated and ineffective system, whereas modern technology could facilitate remote verification from the comfort of our homes.”

Another civil servant, who also requested anonymity, raised a thought-provoking question, “Imagine if this verification were transpiring during a natural disaster, when social distancing is crucial; would people still be forced into these crowded conditions, eagerly waiting for verification?”

She added, “Why can’t we adopt a more civilized and efficient approach to our policies, instead of resorting to primitive methods?”

It’s worth noting that the Federal Government of Nigeria recently initiated this verification exercise to address what it describes as an over bloated wage bill.

The distress faced by these civil servants raises concerns about the efficiency and humaneness of this process.

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