Tribute To A Leader, Usman Austin Okai; The Man As A Brand, An Epistle, A Living Monument And An Ideology

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1st August every year is a day to remember as it commemorates the birth of a born Leader in person of Comrade Austin Usman Okai

Lovers of democracy in and around the world have often sought to know what has given this young man so much inspiration to remain on the side of the poor masses in the face of intimidation and social engineering.

As mark of respect to eulogise his person, here is a brief tribute to the person of Comrade Austin Usman Okai by one of his Ally, Comrade Ben David.

” We are fortunate to have a vocal, commanding cum vibrant political emissary all rolled into a single person, Comrade Austin Okai.

Postulator of countless possibilities, an envoy of mass movement, a peerless pathfinder and a combatant.

He is the man who has defied logic, onslaughts, libels, dissents, threats and attack to rise to stardom.

Come with me on this lexical cruise;
He is the vocal cord and the conduit pipe of the defenseless, the stronghold and anchor to the vulnerable, thank you for yielding to state and national burden.

Okai, the daily bulletin for both admirers and foes.

A builder and mentor, a man who rebels injustice to pitch tent with truth.

Each generation is privileged to play host to an enigma, ours is Austin Okai.

Your sense of frankness, unequivocal pragmatism and sincere approach to speak the truth can only be sponsored by firm resolve to contradict status quo and shift a rather messy paradigm.

Many of us submit to your tutelage and mentorship to tap from your bank of unabating strength as we draw lavishly.

He is the people’s trustee, a trailblazer with many worthy medals in his rank, he is a rising force, a victor, a champion and emancipator.

The man with enviable and robust human CV.

In a society characterized by all shades of obvious dangers, he has dared to tow the path less traveled by.

He is the armour bearer of our time.

Some tenured actors have tried to bully him into coerced silence to shut his guts, but he is a voice.

He becomes more audible even.

This man is always a go-to man, a rapid response humanitarian.

He is a worthy honoree and recipient of torrents of loafty ecomia that will flow today.

You have etched your name in gold in the historical folklore and archive of kogi state.

As you step into another phase of purpose, I pray you remain firm in vigour.

May your tent drips with bounty.

Happy birthday my boss. The Titan.

Comrade Ben David

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